Collection: DNA Genetics Tests (High-End | Insurance Required)

If you are considering a high-end genetics test because of a history of a particular disease or illness in your family or relatives, please first book a telemedicine consultation to review with a doctor or other YouHealth medical provider. You can book a YouHealth telemedicine consultation here

YouHealth's personalized DNA genetics tests and genome sequencing can be ordered directly from home. After ordering your test through YouHealth and paying your estimated patient responsibility & co-pay portion listed here, you will fill out a medical survey which is reviewed by a board-certified doctor licensed in your state and a determination is made as to whether the test is relevant to you based on your medical history. If you are not approved for the test, your co-payment is immediately refunded. 

YouHealth and partner medical staff can also be booked for teleconsultations following the results of your test(s) to help interpret the results and recommend appropriate follow-up care as appropriate. Please also share with your personal doctor or other medical care team members as you deem appropriate.

YouHealth does not sell your genetic data to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies unlike many of our competitors.

14 products
  • Sickle Cell Anemia Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    sickle cell anemia and sickle cells next to normal red blood cells
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  • Ashkenazi Jewish Carrier Profile Genetic Test (Quick Lab Visit)
    ashkenazi family tree including relevant ancestry for canavan disease and other hereditary diseases
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  • Cardiovascular Coronary Artery Disease Prevention Test (Lab Visit)
    detailed heart including aorta arteries and blood vessels
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  • Congenital Heart Disease Prevention Test (Lab Visit)
    heart including aorta arteries and blood vessels
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  • Cystic Fibrosis Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    blue man with detailed pink lungs representing cystic fibrosis which you can have tested at
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  • Hereditary Disease Prevention Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    pairs of dna genes and chromosomes
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  • Hereditary Cancer Prevention Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    dna and chromosome for understanding ancestry cancer risk and hereditary diseases
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  • Maternity Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    daughter holding mother's pregnant belly
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  • Male Infertility Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    sperm carrying dna into fertilized human egg
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  • Arrhythmia Prevention Genetic Test (Quick Lab Visit)
    Man having chest pain grabbing chest which can be tested at
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  • Cardiomyopathy Prevention Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    x-ray of heart showing red heart
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  • Cholesterol Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    Human red blood cells traveling down a clogged artery and blood vessel
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  • Prostate Cancer Prevention Genetic Test - PCA3 (Lab Visit)
    tumor in prostate of male with prostate cancer
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  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Prevention Genetic Test (Lab Visit)
    tumor in woman's breast with BRCA gene in dna test
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